Three In One

41″H x 40″W, cotton, silk fiber, stitched. Sleeve on back for hanging.

Statement: Creation, the solar system, the vast universe moves in orbit with designed complexity that defies logic.  Each ring, orbit, and object moves without incident as if part of a dance moving in prefect harmony. The three balls covered by the cross represent the Trinity. The largest being God, then His Son is introduced; He dies upon a cross. The final piece to the puzzle, the Holy Spirit that lives in us. I wanted to represent the three entities in the circles with life that intertwines around us in perfect motion in tandem and crossing paths. The cross members are the pinnacle of God’s plan for us to have everlasting life. Alas a new circle is evolving and moving upward. My challenge was to create with piecing that began with a light layer recessed a medium tone than topped with a black. As I exposed the layering from the vastness of black, the light shines forward. I love how this speaks to our Creator who is the light. He shines forth in darkness.

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First Exhibited at Scared Threads July 2017, Herndon VA. Showed at HQ Gallery, Surprise AZ fall 2017, won honorable mention. Now showing at Shemer Art Center, Phoenix AZ.

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