Pink’n Fibonacci

41″H x 24″W, fiber  fused collage. machine stitched. Sleeve on back for hanging. 

Statement: Nature’s true spiral seems out of control however it’s a divine design full of energy, deep reds, light pinks that radiate from the center of this mathematical phenomenon. Leonardo Fibonacci  from Pisa Italy, a merchant,  in 1202,had a passion for numbers in the trading industry. While noting the thought of rabbit propagation he came up with a math sequence that then carried itself into other areas of nature. He discovered that nature has a numbering system. He asked the why it is. How do Sunflower seeds hold the seeds? Why does a pinecone and pineapple have such a distinct patterning? Science set out to discover leaf arrangement, or phyllotaxis, to figure the relationship of spacing between a leaf and/or the average amount of light falling on each one. The tiny advantage of spacing and patterning would come to help germinate seeds for generations to come. Sustainability at its finest!  I chose to represent Fibonacci’s vision through a window structure that tries to constrict however the excitement of discovery explodes pure excitement! Nature, math and art of it all! It’s visionary!

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Fiber As Art fall 2017, On display now through July 2108 in Goodyear AZ at Presidio Clubhouse in Estrella.

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Weight 5 lbs
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