SOLD. *, 26″ H x 27″W Fiber collage, machine stitched , Sleeve on back for hanging. SOLD

Artist statement: I am taken by the cellular structure of a healthy blood cell. It is spectacular in its form, bulbous shape and how it bounces around with like cells. Our cells in whatever state healthy or otherwise are covered by the blood of Jesus. The cross casts a shadow over the ever moving internal cells of the body of Christ. I chose the colors of red and the analogous color family to coexist as cells change and breathe. I wanted the cross as a shadow muted tone while the top layer of the cutout is pale lavender to white as the covering over all. Threads in red and purples layer over the top and follow the forms to keep the circular thematic. I am reminded that all is well and we are best to let the cells bounce around next to each other in playful modulation. Oh to have a microscope about now.

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First Exhibited at Scared Threads July 2017, Herndon VA. Showed ARTSHQ Gallery, Surprise AZ August-Oct,2017. WHAM invitational December 2017-Jan2018

Published Jan2018 SAQA magazine

Critiqued at SAQA annual conference 2018

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