0 thoughts on “Mixed Media

  1. Hi Debra,

    I love the “Palms Up” piece. Your layering and stitching look great. Do you still have the original artwork that inspired this work? Is at a gallery? I would like to see them side by side to see the progression.

    Thank you for sharing – you have done a beautiful job and Mom is proud I am sure to see you working in fabric this way.

    • Hello Marci!
      Great to hear from you and your vote of confidence and Mom. This means so much coming from you. I sold the original Acrylic painting artwork and painted another recently and its gone too 🙂 I will post them side by side because it does show the progression. Thank you for showing how to cut the frans..it was a lot of back and forth but I loved the process!

    • Hi Kim, The glasses will be as you see in the photo. A fall theme! If you have already signed up, then see you there! Debra