Paint Ur Palette

Paint Along with Debra Goley, as we create a work of art that you take home after 2 hours of instruction painting along with the class. Your finished piece will be 16 x 20 or other size upon agreement. Patron/Hostess to choose the subject. Be surprised by your talent! No experience needed just a fun time to create. All supplies included. Fees vary depending on class size. Contact me to book your paint party!

To make payment Check out with PayPal: use email
Please Enter amount as advertised on your invite. Happy painting!

2013 03 18_0907CactusDEbra&Sue

Paint along with artist, Debra Goley,2013 09 14_2150 CAAcoffeeand canas6614c CAAcoffeeandcanvas6614f 2013 11 06_2297 2013 02 09_0481 2013 02 09_0483



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