Workshops / Weekly Lessons

Classes and workshops for all ages. Private and group settings meet studio or at location determined. Fiber, paint, drawings, clay, are just a few of the mediums used as we learn color and composition. Elements of Design are taught.

Fiber Paint Workshop: April 27,2019 9-12 pm


Class size limited to 4. Supplies needed. RSVP to do a floral masterpiece. Bring our photo inspired flower and lets collage with fabric to create a one of a kind timeless treasure.

Youth classes at Debra Goley Art offer creative learning opportunities for young artists ages 5 and up, after school, during school breaks, and Summer Art Camps


Debra Goley Art Studio (ages 5-17) 

Currently running throughout the year are group sessions. Call for class fees and times.

Debra Goley Art seeks to develop and strengthen creative skills, build self-esteem, develop a sense of self-importance and individuality, encourage self-expression and stimulate imagination in children.

During class time, we will touch on all the basic five elements of design focusing on sketching/drawing/painting and sculpting. Art History is a big part of the lessons as we introduce the masters to gain understanding and appreciation. Some basic tools will be required from each student at class. Science and math are integral part of the lesson plans.

*Class sizes  limited to 7 persons.

To Registration:  Email:
Phone: 623 696 5693

Independent study, one on one class  in medium of paint or drawing at time determined. Call for class fees.Please be sure to read new Registration Policy prior to registering.

Adult classes at Debra Goley Art offer creative learning opportunities for all ages. Consider a private lesson or a group Creative Aging class  whereby I am instructing to the 60 + participants to engage in lifelong learning and fellowship with others. I can also offer family group sessions, birthday parties, specific mediums like painting, drawing, clay, mixed media and fiber art.