Summer excitement, Exhibitions and remembering to exhale….

Travelling this summer? Hope you can beat the heat and see some inspirational art and find time to create! Let me know if you see my work and please take a photo or two. I can hardly breathe and so excited that my work is showing various places this summer. Wish I could visit it all but alas I am holding my breathe and waiting to exhale……

Showing at Scared Threads July 2017, Herndon VA

Placed FIRST at SAQA Regional: Exposures at Chandler Center for The Arts now through August 26

On display at City of Goodyear Library exhibit on ABCs. words in Art.

On exhibit at Presidio clubhouse, Goodyear AZ: Mystery exhibit through November

Winner of City of Goodyear Street Banner display on four major City streets; over 60 on display through November 2017


Art Exhibition through February: Iris’ on display for Sale

New Year, New work, & News!

Happy New Year!  New work awaits to be shown, sold and shared. A  new newsletter format too! Sign up to receive your monthly news with tips, happenings and inspiration.

Great Masters Fine Art Show: Artists Reception

January 19, 2017


Goodyear Branch Library

14455 W. Van Buren C101Goodyear, AZ 85338 Join me at an Artist Reception this Thursday, January 19, 2017 5:30-7:00pm to celebrate the 19 talented artists on display December 1, 2016- February 27, 2017 at the Goodyear Branch Library.  My piece “Iris’ ” is on display and for sale. My work selected for this juried show was inspired by Master Van Gogh. At the reception enjoy a live performance from pianist Jeremiah Sweeney and light refreshments will be served.  I look forward to your attendance as my guest.


  • Friday, January 20,2017 6-8pm I am leading a large group to”paint their palette”. SOLD OUT
  • February 4 and 5, 10am-3pm White Tanks Arts Festival. I will have a booth set up with art for sale. First five attendees to sign my guest book receive one of my lithographs.

In the News:

  • Road to California: Ontario CA January 19-22, 2017. See my fiber art “Dad, Me and Live TV” on travelling exhibition celebrating Mans Walk on the Moon.  http://www.road2ca.com/eventslectures.html
  • Just received word that my art piece titled “Take Flight: My Great Aunts”, has been juried into the “HERstory” exhibit celebrating women’s groundbreaking achievements since 1920.

“Paint Your Palette” This Friday night! Call me to schedule your next paint party!
White Tanks Art Festival February 4 and 5th
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Houston, We have contact!

October News: Veterans and Country! 2016

Excited to honor my country and its history!!! Vet Fest at Historic Avondale , SATURDAY Oct 28, 10am-5pm. Come see Debra to purchase art at a discounted price and support our vets! Food trucks, lots of art vendors!


Next, heading to Houston IQF for the display of “Fly Me To The Moon” exhibition

Close Up

Close Up

where I have a fiber art displayed and will travel for next 2 years. It depicts my story from 1969 in honor of the 50 anniversary of man’s walk on the moon. I am thrilled to attend the showing and even more excited that I am Texas bound even if for two days! I get to visit with my Great Aunt Betty, 97, that is featured in my next fiber art titled “HerStory: A celebration of Women”. I have studied the WASP program from WWII and so proud of her and my other Aunt Bobbie for their service to our country. I want to honor them both! Hope you get to see the exhibit in your neck of the woods! Visit Event page for complete travel schedule to see my art quilt in your area!


FIRE & ICE art exhibit: Debra Goley

Blue Ice, by Debra Goley, fiber, 2016

Fire & Ice exhibit through November 2016.

It’s the cold, the frozen tundra, the cold ice chest in the heat of summer that bears the weight of my blue ice cubes that fall like bricks, dropped with a thud to the bottom of a vessel or body and in its wake send ice shards to the surface and waves of cold streams rising to the top. It’s a welcome cold. I think ice-cream in a homemade machine, throwing a stone to break ice, or an ice skate digging into the rink all make the summer heat tolerable, extremely contrasting and invigorating.

As a mixed media artist I get to choose my medium.  I chose fiber as my medium for “Blue Ice”  working though collage, holding it, turning it different ways and piecing it to experience my art in many tangible ways. It’s actually the opposite of cold, it is warm to me to be intimate with my medium and I get heated up through the process whereby my senses are excited to discover just what is around the corner. I never know exactly how it will end up!


FIRE & ICE: Fine Art Exhibit

August 11 through November 30, 2016  5:30pm-7:00pm

Goodyear Branch Library

14455 W. Van Buren St. C101

Goodyear, AZ 85338


Fire and Ice are representations of the extreme… The Goodyear Arts & Culture Commission invited West Valley artists to submit work that represented these extremes or demonstrate how two opposite elements support each other.



Call of the Wild: Debra Goley artist reception

You are invited! Artists, friends, and families please join Debra at the Goodyear Arts & Culture Commission on Thursday March 24, 2016 from 5:30-7:00pm as they celebrate 20 local artists who have expressed their “Wild Side” through their art by depicting the tame and untamed animal kingdom.  One of Debra’s fiber arts will be on display and for sale. it debuts here before moving to Las Vegas, NV. Title of piece is Herd’n Sheep. Colors depicted are a reflection of a time when travelling through Scotland and the sheep were painted with a patchwork of colors. When All the sheep are corralled together it looks like one big color wheel!

Herd'n Sheep, by Debra Goley, fiber, 17 x 16 , $340

Herd’n Sheep, by Debra Goley, fiber, 17 x 16 , $340

Light refreshments will be served and pianist Deb Offenhauser will be playing classical music for the evening’s entertainment.

The art exhibit “Call of the Wild” is now open and will be on display at the Goodyear Branch Library until May 30, 2016.


Palms Up, Debra Goley back from Henderson!


Palms Up, Debra Goley, Fiber 21 x 36, $650

Palm, Debra Goley, Acrylic, 16 x 20, sold

 Just back from Henderson debut show of my series “EXPLOSIONS”. So grateful for all who came out and the great evening we all had! Thank you  to my hosts Barbra and Kevin! The salmon dip and sausages on the grille were a perfect bite to munch on as we discussed art. I came back refreshed. Entered three pieces in a contest closing at midnight on the 31st and headed back to the studio to clean up and gear up for some other unfinished pieces and then to start my new series…stay tuned. For now, take a look back. This is how it all started January 2015. It began with a painting I did and it was hanging in the City of Goodyear Library for a spell. I then sold it out of state. Yippee! Thankfully I saved the photo. My dear friend Jennifer Isaacs photographed it for me and made note cards of the work. SO not to lose its interest, I realized it was to be the first of my “Explosion” Series by recreating it in fiber. My Moms dear friend Marci Baker encouraged me to tackle the dauntingly task of how I wanted to portray the palm frans by a back and forth cutting and collaging of the pieces. She gave me the boost I needed to get going and hearing my Moms voice not to give in, I began a new way of looking at my art. Here goes the process….



Debra Goley Art show: Explosions Jan 30,2016

Current work from my Explosions Series

On display now through August 28th in Surprise AZ.              



This week I am putting the finishing touches on the last of twelve  fiber arts in my series titled EXPLOSIONS.  Weird, as it’s not really exploding fireworks or soda pop taking flight to the ceiling after a shaken can made by a purposeful teenager in my house. No, this is how I am evolving; I searched a lot this past year and when I signed up for a “series” online class with Katie Pasquini Masoput, I had no idea how this would pull from me all I had to give and give me exactly what I needed to “let go”. Notice how I didn’t say, “go”.

I have put pen to paper, sketched a few crazy works and developed them along with the 12 others, spending hundreds of hours to self-teach the art of collaging with a stitch rather from glue. Its crazy therapy as you tug and pull and stretch the limits on what seems at first glance one broadcloth…but it’s really SO many hundreds of pieces cut up, assembled and sewn together to portray your first thought or idea on your sketch pad. It does evolve and it does take on a life of its own but it’s my world and it feels comforting being able to pull from within and let it all out to share with you! Enjoy!

Private Showing:

Henderson NV, Jan 30, 2016.

New works, series titled “Explosions”

Contact Debra for  viewing.

Current exhibition/sale of Debra’s work :

Surprise City Hall,16000 Civic Center Plaza, Surprise, AZ 85374

City of Goodyear Library, 14455 W. Van Buren C101 Goodyear, AZ 85338

Avondale City Hall, 11465 Civic Center Drive, Avondale, AZ  85323

Catitude Gallery, 404 E. Western Avenue, Avondale AZ 85323 623.388.3840

May 7 & 8, 2016 9am-4pm

Henderson Events Plaza & Henderson Convention Center 200 Water Street Complimentary Admission

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Watercolor, Fiber Art



Holidays are a giant interruption to art making, so focus on my current work is sidetracked. But that doesn’t make me forget creativity! I am always creating whether in the kitchen, a special thanks to someone or parenting(not so great in that category).

I like thanking others for the gifts they’ve given me and my family. Baking cookies with my kids and having them assist in packaging and delivery allows us to be creative together and think on all the wonderful moments we’ve shared this year and in the past. I’m so thankful for the influence of all my relatives, but especially Mom, who  passed at this time last year.  As I attempted her Drunken punkin pie(where’s the bourbon when you need it?) , dressed a turkey (2 in this past month), and hearing her favorite hymns playing over surround sound that my lovely husband installed for me (he does this for a living) brought me close to her. I believe the memories we create with others truly are what sustains us in the future. Its not the things but the times we shared in the kitchen, singing in the choir, and eating a traditional Christmas Day dinner. Events like these join hearts in like minded tasks, engage the soul, boost the mind to learn and certainly allow endorphins in laughter and glucose to flow!

I had more flexible time leading up to Christmas; odd for me as I am usually the busiest this time of year with clients wanting paintings in the their homes before their guests arrive. I had time to  create more art uninterrupted. But more importantly, time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. Mom  may be gone from my dinner table but I will one day be at the HUGE dinner table with her. The EVERLASTING FATHER has come in the form of a baby, taught us how to love one another, died for my sins, rose to Everlasting life and says I can have this too, to be with Him forever. I know I’ve missed the mark time and time again. Good news is, I can pick up my paintbrush again, glue a new dyed fabric, stitch through my canvas a new path that points straight to Him and prayerfully point others this direction as well. Every time  I see a sunset, the amazing colors, I think of Mom’s love of sunsets and how glorious it is to create with color and the next day and the next to see again its glory in a new way. May I always be reminded of His unending love for us all and how he paints glorious sunsets to remind us that the paint is never dry. Tomorrow it will look a bit different but I can trust that its just what I should see at that moment. If He gives me blue than go with that; if its pink, orange and magenta, well then, lets get to work!

Current exhibition/sale of Debra’s work:

Surprise City Hall,16000 Civic Center Plaza, Surprise, AZ 85374

City of Goodyear Library, 14455 W. Van Buren C101 Goodyear, AZ 85338

Avondale City Hall, 11465 Civic Center Drive, Avondale, AZ  85323

Catitude Gallery, 404 E. Western Avenue, Avondale AZ 85323 623.388.3840

Private showing: Henderson NV, Jan 2016. New works, series titled “Explosions”. Contact Debra for advanced viewing.


Debra Goley art chosen for display at Surprise City Hall

Debra Goley Fiber Art Surprise City Hall

“The Plains” is the center artwork of the three. I have SOLD “The Falls”, the left one ,and you can see the right has my destination of Mount Rushmore titles “The Monuments”

“THE PLAINS” chosen for display and for sell at the Surprise City Hall, Surprise AZ will be from now till mid February 2016. This piece inspired by a recent trip to Wyoming, a quick trip at that to see Mount Rushmore with the kids. Boy, was I in a rush. It was a three day whirlwind trip and what I saw out my window was the amazing sunset over the plains, the pronghorn antelope and a painting coming to mind. This piece, part of a triptych, grabbed my attention after a recent painting class I took with Katie Pasquini Masopust whereby I began to start adding stitched dimension to my work. This was one of my first pieces along my now path of doing more stitching. Always a journey!

Surprise City Hall is located at 16000 Civic Center Plaza, Surprise, AZ 85374.