What’s Up?

Is this phrase really a greeting? Is it an app? Apparently yes, as I learned this month while trying to connect with my daughter on a recent trip overseas. Funny! Or is it a question as to what is going on this summer? So here is to “what’s up!” Think I am making a list so I don’t forget TO Do and or in case you want to plug in somewhere and encourage me to get a day job? I told my husband last night that I am SO grateful that I get to do what I love…create Art!


  • Book Illustrations for a NEW children’s book that I am commissioned to do! Bee Kind. Excited!!
  • Guest Bathroom Design in private residence: looking at tessellations and quilt patterns to morph tiles to real desert lizards on walls/sink!!!
  • Art camp lessons for Henderson NV. Order paper ASAP
  • Canvas on order to do commissioned painting of Dinkelsbuhl Germany! Exciting! I want to go there!
  • Wine Glass Paint party: Remove 144 stickers from bottom of glasses and prep for participants! 60 people, SOLD OUT!

    Glass Painting by Debra Goley

  • Plan Adaptive art lessons and first fall lessons for after school kids.
  • Prep for Follow Your Art Jr, City of Goodyear, collage lesson for the day!
  • Instruct senior class August 3 at private clubhouse; Paint a new sample as I sold original.
  • GET TO WORK!!!

Thorn and Thistle, oil by Debra Goley

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