TEXting, Debra Goley, fiber art

Island Of Steel, 25 x 40,fiber

I am heading to San Antonio for the 2018 SAQA fiber art conference. All things Texas for this gal. I can kind of feeling somewhat nostalgic as I return to my high school town and at same time giddy about attending my first SAQA conference where I have been a member of this organization for just three years and have learned so much about the medium of which I am so grateful! I will post photos upon my return. I am interested to see how artist speed dating(90 seconds to meet other artists) is to work on a river boat cruise!! It takes me 15 seconds just to feel grounded and now, on a boat..no way! Here is my “Island of Steel”, 25 x 40, debuting at Drury Hotel( 105 South St Mary’s Street, San Antonio, TX 78205) during the event! Come out to see it all my hometown peoples! Come see me too!!!!

Heart Of It, 39 x 27, fiber

Cacti At First Light, 40 x 45, fiber

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