New Beginnings

2018 sounds good. What’s not to love about a fresh calendar to write on, a new book to read, cleaning up after the holidays with fresh paint and new linens and oh why not, a new series to work on?! I actually completed this one at end of 2017 and was able to exhibit it at a local venue. I want to build upon it, no pun intended. I have a degree in Architecture, a love of design and well, a slew of portfolio work that I recently uncovered and revisited for inspiration. The photographs tell me that I have done hours of work and deadlines that seemed insane at the time. I remember one July 4th holiday where I worked the entire day while my family and friends were on the Washington DC mall celebrating with fanfare; did I mention that some of my favorite bands were playing?! It was grueling but something inside me says hard work, commitment to the task at hand is truly an exercise worth doing at least for a season and now on my third season of life and second century, I embark on still working hard and getting to do what I love. So here’s

to a New Year. Lets do this 2018!

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