Summer Lovin’

Its been a summer that was not planned, not expected, but I must say I have come away feeling so grateful for the people who have walked long side me, encouraged me and blessed me with opportunities to challenge myself, travel and give me room and board. I began with an amazing win, First Place for BLUE ICE at Chandler Center for the Arts, The EXPOSURES exhibit sponsored by SAQA AZ. I have three pieces in the show.
University of Southern Utah juried in my AGAVE POINTS and what an honor to be amongst such fine works all summer long through August 26th.
ON my bucket list was to enter Sacred Threads, SAQA event in Herndon VA. Cells and Three IN One were juried into the show and what a treat that I got to attend the artists weekend and to meet so many amazing artists and visit with former friends and co workers. Truly a gift of reflection time. Thank you all, you know who you are!
And now I am displaying art with eight other amazing women artists that I just met! The organizer to the show, I have known now only two short years and she has given me fmq lessons to help me on my journey. Betty Hahn’s work is stunning and I am grateful to have found her to assist me on my journey.

Blue Ice took first place at Exposures SAQA AZ regional exhibit at Chandler Center for the Arts

Standing outside Vision Glalery in Chandler AZ where her work Xaxti at First Light is debuting

Blue Ice took first palce at Exposures SAQA AZ regional exhibition at Chandler Center for the Arts, Chandler AZ 2017

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