Debra Goley working in Explosion Series, fiber, quilted arts


Palm, Fiber, approx. 18 x 24

 I have been rather engaged after losing my lovely mother this Christmas. She was my biggest encourager to keep at the drawing board, teaching, creating and loving people where they are at in life. I find myself back in the studio as of late and picking up where I left off thinking of what would Mom say about this one or how can I showcase this art piece best; she was a great business women and I owe so much to her good business practices and keen sense of what it takes to stay focused and relevant. So as I sit at my computer thinking of how best to transcribe my emotions. I think I best just not try to make out the words but show you my latest in progress, working in a series. To find some of my finished work visit Catitude Gallery in Avondale AZ and HQ in Surprise, AZ. You can also email me for more info on these works for to see the finished piece or visit my event page to see where I am exhibiting next and whatever else is on my spinning palette.


Palm, acrylic, 16 x 20



Let me know if you would like more information on these artworks. The acrylic painting of “the Palm” just back from exhibition at City of Goodyear. It then became my inspiration for the fiber piece at top left. My series following an explosion of sorts or bursting forth.

Explosion in Pink, fiber art approx. 20 x 30

Explosion in Pink, fiber art approx. 20 x 30

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